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This blog is a collection of photocaps from the TV show Dark Angel. All photos belong to FOX, I just cap them! Feel free to ask questions, request episodes to be capped, and submit your own photos of the show! :)

Also, pics can be found by season, episode, and character over on the sidebar :)

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Bag 'Em


Hi guys!  

Sorry for the lack of anything for the past several months. I put tumblr on the backburner for awhile so I could focus on my personal matters, but now I’m back!

I’m hoping to be captioning some episodes in the next day or so! Also, I am always taking requests for caps and full episode caps! Just send me a message! :3

Thank you all again for following!

black-sensations answered your question: Alright guys

season 2 episode 2: Bag ‘Em preferably Jensen Ackles :)

You got it! ^-^ I added Boo too :)

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Alright guys 

I’m all out of requested caps! So if you are wanting a specific episode cast just send me a message or reply to this link. To see what episodes I’ve already done, look under the episodes link on the sidebar of my page :)

Thank you everyone for following! ^-^

So, any requests?